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Diana, without knowing anything about me, brought me such wonderful peace and comforting messages from Spirit. She brought messages from a dear friend of mine that only he and I would know. Thank you thank you thank you for the most beautiful gift I could have asked for.  Dylan Richards

Diana is a fantastic psychic and medium. She’s spot on with things that have happened in my past and things that have currently happened. She has brought forward people who have past and brought through messages I needed to hear. I highly recommend her.  💗  Meg Mitchell

Diana helped give me closure with my daughters death. She told me things that only I would know. I highly recommend her.  Diana Schindler

Great Experience!  I seen Diana today and it was a wonderful experience! She is the real deal and was able to help me

so much! I am definitely seeing her again and I highly recommend her. You honestly won't regret it! Thank you Diana! 

Michelle Winebrenner

I recently had a wonderful Psychic reading with Diana. Her guidance lifted my spirits and provided what I needed to move forward in my life. Since my reading I have felt motivated and energized to create the life that I want. Diana's words are healing and thought provoking. I would highly recommend Diana to friends. I can't wait for my Mediumship reading!  

Dana Preshous

Diana was able to connect with my third great grandmother from England and give proof positive, without doubt, her disease process, her children, and her passing at very young age, 39. She was able to know that her husband just up and disappeared prior to her passing. She was able to speak of cards, not knowing why, but my great great great grandmother was a card reader. She also was able to talk about her father. She mentioned a minister. Yes he was a Methodist minister. She spoke of confusion in the family and distance. Her father put her out of church at 39 years old for witchcraft. He never spoke to her again and she died soon after. I had always hoped and wondered if she was one of my guides. As clearly as she came through I have to believe that she is. She mentioned the name Ann. Her name was Mary Ann. She also said the name Steven; her last name is Stevens. So I have to say that this reading was completely on track. She also spoke of a man, description fit and he owned a gas station. He was a great great uncle. Usually people do not know anything about their past relatives, but I have done extensive research and learned a lot about mine.  I am blessed to have had this time with Diana as she did this reading unprompted and without hesitation. Everything came through perfectly. Thank you.    Bobbi Robinson

My experience with Diana was incredible! It was a group reading, but she hit on so many points with so many people. And I was able to give a good friend of mine some piece of mind about her late husband who came through to me. I definitely left there feeling a sense of peace and awe.   Carla Dobbins

Diana, YOU are AMAZING. My tarot reading was accurate, and so helpful when questioning a decision to be made. The way you connected with spirits of loved ones passed, however, is truly beyond anything!. The messages you gave me were so obviously personal and spot on, even though I know you didn't know the deceased personally, I would swear she was standing right there next to you. Can't wait till my next reading!   Cyndi Booth

Diana is a truly remarkable lady in every way. She is easy to talk to and is very interested in what you have to say. She has answered some difficult questions and has been spot on with her answers. I highly recommend her to help with your interests. She is kind, caring and very genuine. She is a true blessing.   Nancy Ball

Diana is amazing. She and I have been friends for over a year and we wondered how a reading was going to work. I sat down and her words started flowing and I started crying. The ones that I love and miss so much are still with me. They have never let me go, just working from the other side. My Granny, my Dad and finally my son. I walked away with such peace. I would highly recommend a reading from her. Her skills are amazing, her ability is amazing... she is amazing.   Brenda Miller

Hi, Diana! Just wanted to touch base again and say I have thought about our session SO MUCH over the past
week! I just loved it that all of those loved ones came through. There is no question in my mind that you have this gift because you were just SO SPECIFIC. EVERY DETAIL was on the money. It still blows me away. I really think I'm going to write down my experience so that I don't forget the details.  I hope you don't get sick of hearing about this. You are just amazing. I can't even imagine the amount of people you have helped to feel better. Your gift is truly of God.... and even though I am still sad about xxxx, etc.... just having that session with you made me feel so much closer to those people - and made me feel like they were OK. I'm sure I'll see you again in a few months or so..... Just really loved everything about our hour together!

Lisa Yoak-McLaughlin

From, how to invite my spirit guide to join me in meditation to job opportunities presenting themselves to
relationships, Diana provided wonderful insight and inspiration to me to move forward. I certainly recommend her for anyone looking for direction and guidance. I was pleasantly relieved how Diana made me feel very comfortable with her.

Her kindness was most appreciated - I will definitely call again. Thanks, Diana! Robert Sheff

I was extremely impressed by her reading! It was much harder I felt since it was a group setting and

she was  spot on! Candy Belcastro

Diana helped me when going through some tough choices in my life. She helped me see that the direction i was heading was not only wanted but needed. If not for her spiritual advice i may have stayed in the dead in rut that I was living in at the time.  Betina C.

Diana met with a group of friends for a reading, and we were all extremely impressed with her. Diana was on time for our meeting. She was very helpful with the issues we discussed. We were all amazed at her accuracy, and her thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to call on her again in the future, and I would be happy to recommend her to other friends.   Libby S.

Diana did a reading for me a few weeks ago. She made contact with my loved ones, and was able to share things with me that nobody else knew. She is the real deal, and I feel so comforted after our session. Thank you Diana for your reading! I know I will be with my loved ones again in the next life.   Kelly Shuttleworth

The description of Diana is totally accurate. Her heart and intentions are pure and she is very connected

to her inner power and higher power. Very impressed with her positive being and her light as well as her sincerity in truly wanting to help people. My reading left me with a feeling of comfort. Very grateful

to Diana!   Laurie Gemmell

Diana is a accurate in her readings. She has a wonderful voice and is easy to understand. I could tell she really wanted to answer all my questions as accurate as possible. I will call her again.  Marguerite Godfrey

EXCELLENT CHOICE!   Vicki Dabronzo

Diana done a wonderful reading for me today she was very easy to talk with and hit on a lot of points in my life, I will be calling again.   Anita Dumas

The reading related to my question more than I expected.  There are a few things I know are
necessary or should be and having her tell me sort of reiterated things I knew should be done.  The reading made me feel enlightened, delighted to know that someone I didn’t know could see the mess in my life and explain it to me in a way that I knew was truer, just didn’t want to admit. Admitting it means I have to do something about it. I can surely praise Diana for the wonderful reading she did.  I was real surprised at such a wonderful gift, really impressed.   Mary J.

Even though the question was just a general one, Diana even got my feelings down too.  All of the
reading was helpful and it made me see how my feelings are and brought it more out in the open for me. The
reading made me feel happy, but I need time to sort out my feelings a bit more.  Thank you Diana for my reading and that it was so clear for me to understand.  A VERY BIG THANK YOU.   Sammy S.

The reading really related to my question.  I thought for a moment it was someone who knew who I
was.......LOL Everything I was told is what I do......LOL.    JC

The reading related in all my past, present and future, and has helped me see clear
into my life…past being that of my ex husband, present of my present boyfriend and future and that of my sons.  The most helpful part was that it is the past I need to let go of and have struggled with for the past few year.  I feel more positive since I received this reading.  The reading was very clear and positive, with compassion and understanding.  Good insight into my life and that of what guidance I needed at this time of my life… very happy with the reading. Anita, United Kingdom

The reading very much related to my current situation.  I ask a question without much direction and
she found the direction and a possible solution, she didn’t leave anything out.  Now that I have received the
reading I have a direction to go in and a purpose to go.. good feeling.   Tami B.

Didn't really have a question, just general, but the reading covered all things possible, a lot of good info

and helpful in all areas.  I feel good knowing that the choices I was running from are really there and I should do something about them, I feel at ease.  Good job at picking the layout, and you covered everything,

even though I didn't get the rich man with shallow pockets lol. thanks    Tami B.

Diana has been very accurate when it came to a situation regarding a friend that I was very angry with at the time. She did a reading that hit everything thing I felt to the tee. Diana is very intuitive and reliable when she connects to her sources. She has always been there for me and never sugar coats anything. Always honest in what she perceives in her readings. I would recommend her to everyone.   Susan Schmidt

I can't believe how dead on this reading is!  You are so awesome and thank you so much for the insight

just like my reading says I need to find courage and self confidence to make a lot of much needed changes
especially in a few areas of my life!  Thank you again  woman ! Rene M.

I didn't have any specific questions for Diana, but she did hit on what was going on in my life. She has a gift and I will definitely call on her again. She didn't tell me I was going to be rich and get to that's another problem she can't do anything about!   Jackie Goff

Thank you sooooooooooo much for doing my reading today.  I think some of the things I needed to realize came today and I thank you for helping me understand them better.    John D.

"Thanks so much for the reading Diana. It really was helpful and you gave me all the insight I needed and even more. So, this reading was much helpful. I'm still worried about making new friends but your reading has put some of the worry aside. If anyone needs a good, amazing reading..they should def. contact you. You're really nice & make everything make sense. You rock!! Thanks again so meant a lot.  (="     Demi G.

The reading  related to my current situation -my thoughts and my action.  Diana puts it in a way that it will be easy to for me to understand what's going on in my situation.  She did a wonderful job because she had done her best to give me what I need to know.   I have learned something from the cards and got some idea on the cards she drew for me.  Diana has given me an implication that I have to make action and not just sit and wait attitude. My belief is a miracle from God. But, with Diana's help, I think t she's right. That if I really trust God, I have to make the action and God will do the rest, just trust in the LORD above. That was the implication of her reading which helped me realized something.    Josey, Philippines

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