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Get the most out of your reading!

No matter what type of reading you are interested in, an open mind and an open heart will help you to get the most out of our time together. Skeptics are welcome, I love a skeptic, however if you or your companion or guest(s) are closed off in any way, that negative energy may put a damper on your overall experience.


An intuitive tarot reading is an accurate way to get a really good look at where you are in your life, gives you insight on

how you got where you are, and offers a look at what the future will bring based on the path you are currently on.

This type of reading will help you see if things are going in the right direction, or if there are any bumps in the road

requiring some change in course.

We will often begin with a general reading that will reveal your main issues (and usually answer your main question), after

which you will be able to ask questions and get specific answers to your questions about the various areas of your life.





Receiving messages of love and healing from those who have crossed over is the purpose of communication with spirit.

Your loved ones are always around you, and they want to know that. When you come to me for a mediumship reading,
I will do my best to convey their messages as accurately as I can and validate that your loved ones are still with you..

You may come with the desire to connect to one specific person, but who comes through for you is entirely up to them.

While I cannot always control who may come through for you, you will get the messages you need to hear.






Private Group Readings are available for groups of up to 8 people.

Click the button for more information or to email an inquiry about scheduling a group reading.


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