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Psychic Development

Level 1

Have you always been fascinated by psychics, mediums or anything and everything metaphysical? Have there been days when you wondered if you to were a little psychic? Did you ever wish you could read tarot cards or runes? Maybe you have felt a nudge lately, or a twinge of curiosity about the subject and now you are ready to see what really is out there.. If you answered yes to, or agree with, any of these questions and statements, then you have come to the right place. 

Psychic Development - Level 1 is designed to introduce you to your own psychic abilities. I believe everyone is born psychic. The only difference between you and a person who is a practicing psychic is that they either grew up understanding and living a psychic life, or at some point in their life they were given a jolt that helped them to re-awaken their higher self. If you are reading this, you are ready to reach out as well and rediscover your own psychic gifts. 

In this 6 week on-line class, I will introduce you to all of the basics that you need to get started on your journey of development and enlightenment through coursework and weekly videos.  I will teach you about meditation and energy. We will learn about the chakra system and the aura, and how they work together. I will help you meet your Spirit Guides and learn how to communicate with them, and also give you the tools to learn to protect yourself energetically while you are on this journey. We will learn about symbols, and also the "psychic tools" of the trade, including Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Orcale Cards, Pendulum and so much more!  

Throughout this course there will be plenty of exercises to help you understand the lessons. There will also be a lot of hands on practice that you can do with a friend, so you will have a good understanding of how energy works and what most resonates with you.  By the end of our 6 weeks, you will also, through our group, be able to give your first psychic reading. 

So if you've ever wondered if you too are a wee bit psychic, or you just want to explore the possibilities, join me and others like yourself on this new exciting journey. I guarantee that you will be glad you did! 

$99 - 6 Week On-line Class

Stay tuned for upcoming dates.. 

Please note that all sales are final. Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the course administrator.  

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