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Whether your intention is to develop your psychic gift or to simply learn to understand, trust and use your intuition, this course is for you.

This is a 4 week course that will start you on the path. In this course we will learn what intuition really is, how to trust your instincts, and begin to live a more intuitive life.  When you learn to listen to that small still voice and begin to understand how everything that is going on in your life can be directed for a more positive outcome, you will begin to feel more at peace, knowing your are divinely guided and always have been. Most importantly, you will learn how to trust your gut to avoid the blocks that create negativity and hardship.

There will be 4 weekly lessons, along with exercises to help you begin your journey. 

During the 4 weeks you will learn about energy, awareness, meditation and why its important to be grounded. You will also learn how to create a sacred space for your meditation and discovery, how disorganization interferes with your development and what the common blocks are that keep us from trusting our intuition. We will also briefly touch on our energy systems and why its important to get and stay balanced.

As an added bonus, you will have access to a private FB page where you can ask questions and share your journey with others in the class. It's important to have people who understand what you are trying to do, and will be helpful and supportive along the way.  

Upon purchase you will receive a link to the welcome page, additional resources, and downloadable PDF file. If you have any issues with the link, please feel free to email me.

Because I am very hands-on and truly want you to succeed, I will be available via email anytime to answer your questions or help you in any way I can so that you will get the most out of this course!


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Please note that all sales are final. Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the course administrator.  

That Small Still Voice

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